How Hexomatic Can Help You With Data Extraction and Work Automation

Hexomatic is a company that provides data extraction, analysis and automation tools. It helps to extract structured or unstructured data from the web, API’s, emails, documents and more. 

Hexomatic helps you to automate workflows by providing an end-to-end set of solutions for data extraction cloud services.

What is Hexomatic?

Hexomatic is an online platform which helps automate tedious tasks. It’s perfect for anyone who needs to reduce time or find more skills on cheaper services such as crowdsourced human assistants and AI services. Hexomatic costs less than $100/month, making it affordable for everyone looking to build an online business while automating tedious tasks.

Hexomatic enables users to create automations that scrape data from websites and perform other tasks, whether it be finding prospects or conducting audits. The tool offers an intuitive recipe generator that allows you to easily scrape goods, directories, prospects, and listings! Hexomatic also offers automated searches for RSS feeds, document types and SEO metadata. 

Lastly, Hexomatic allows you to quickly build your own bots to harvest data from any website- making it excellent for companies who have multiple users which need the same thing done at regular intervals or on a schedule!

Who is Hexomatic For?

Hexomatic is a software that makes time-consuming internet research easy. The tool has IP rotation included on all plans so you don’t have to worry about data loss or downtime. Hexomatic helps sales and marketing teams with automation of tasks such as prospecting, researching, and email outreach. 

Hexomatic is a comprehensive work automation tool that enables you to scrape data from websites and use premade automations. The software provides a recipe generator for scrapers to easily produce results with the software’s unique search engine and automated programmable rules. 

Hexomatic can find email and social accounts, do audits, and more!

Hexomatic Features

One of the best features of Hexomatic is that it provides users with a dashboard which shows how much time they have saved on automations. Additionally, Hexomatic boasts an impressive list of features which include website crawling, analytics, and identifying links that respond with a 200 code. In addition, you can use Hexomatic to limit the number of items a workflow runs through, so it will only check certain links in your website or app.

Hexomatic also has an interface which is frustratingly less user-friendly than it could be. However, automated features like AI audio transcription and AI text to speech make up for this shortcoming. Finally, Hexomatic allows you to run a workflow outside of its own interface–an important feature for more advanced users.

Main features and benefits of Hexomatic are as follows…

Harness the internet as your own data source

The internet is an amazing resource which we can use to our advantage. With Hexomatic, you can harness all that the internet has to offer and use it to automate tasks. No coding required-just point and click!

Hexomatic uses AI and crowdsourced human assistants to help with data extraction and work automation. You can create bots which can be used on any website. Hexomatic is a platform which only needs the internet to operate, with no code required.

Ready made automations to perform tasks on autopilot

One of the best things about Hexomatic is that it offers a library of 90+ automations to help you automate tasks. This means that you can take care of tedious, time-consuming tasks on autopilot without any coding required. Plus, the automation tool can be used to create point-and-click workflows without having to learn a single line of code!

Hexomatic makes it easy to extract data from websites with its pre-built automations and recipes. All you need is a point-and-click experience and you’re good to go! The platform enables data search and management with an intuitive user interface and variety of pre-built tools. You can use readymade automations for extracting product, directory, prospect, or listing information from the internet quickly and easily.

In addition, Hexomatic scrapes large amounts of data with a point-and-click experience. So if you’re looking for an easy way to get started in website scraping, look no further than Hexomatic!

You are just one workflow away from saving 100+ hours a month

Did you know that with just one workflow change, you could save yourself 94% of your time? That’s because the Hexomatic team has been hard at work automating all the tedious and time-consuming tasks that you usually have to do by hand.

And we’re not done yet! The new Hexomatic is GDPR compliant, so you can rest assured that your data is safe and sound. Plus, our team is always working on new features and updates, so you can be sure that your investment in Hexomatic will continue to pay off for years to come.

Scrape and analyze listings from any website

Scraping recipe

A scraping recipe is a set of instructions that tells the scraping agent how to extract data from a specific website. 

SEO meta tags

extract the meta descriptions and titles associated with each product page.

Content analysis

With Hexomatic, you can easily find new prospects, translate content into other languages, and estimate traffic at scale. Plus, our list of features includes everything from finding new prospects to translating content and estimating traffic at scale. So why spend your time on menial tasks when Hexomatic can do them for you?

Google Maps

Google Maps is a powerful mapping tool that you can use to find leads. It allows you to see listings from any website on a map. You can also calculate the word count for each product page and find 100’s of prospects in a few clicks using Google Maps with the help of Zapier and Hexomatic.

Email scraper

To get started with Hexomatic, simply enter the website’s URL into the required field and press “Scrape.” You can also specify additional fields like Comment or Page Number if you want. All other fields are optional, but they can be helpful if you want to target certain data on a page. For example, the “Email” field will extract all email addresses from a given website while the “Text” field will extract all text content.

Social links scraper

There are many websites that offer valuable information about listings, but some of them block access from certain locations or IP addresses. Hexomatic’s built-in site scraper can extract information from websites without being blocked. However, using a residential proxy add-on will prevent you from being banned by some websites that use advanced blocking methods. Hexomatic does not execute social media interactions that could result in users being banned from social sites. Therefore, Hexomatic scrapers can get the most information possible from most websites.

Discover Tech Stack

If you’re a developer, then you know that it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest technology trends. That’s where Hexomatic comes in.  So if you’re looking for an easy way to discover new tech stacks and keep your development skills sharp, check out Hexomatic today!

Monitor Amazon sellers for specific products

Amazon product search

One of the key features of this app is the ability to search for Amazon products by ASIN. This can be a very useful tool if you’re looking for a specific product and want to compare prices or see what’s available. The data that is collected includes price, condition and rating. Two of the most common products are mentioned in each website’s meta title, meta description and extracted SEO metadata.

Google Search

The Google search automation can be used to locate all websites that mention a product or brand.

Email scraper

can be used to find email addresses for outreach.

Social links scraper

Finding social media profiles to connect directly is made possible by this tool.

Traffic insights

Thanks to Hexomatic, businesses now have instant access to detailed information about their website traffic. The tool also provides estimates for the amount of web traffic a business can expect as a result of successful SEO backlinks outreach.

Create screenshots in bulk for any device size

Extract links from a page

Extract links by providing a list of URLs or a spreadsheet

Screenshot capture

Create screenshots of each URL (7 device sizes, including mobile and 4K desktop)

Perform SEO analysis at scale

Sitemap extractor

provides the URL of an XML sitemap for any website. The XML sitemap is a URL which provides an overview of all the content on a given website.

SEO meta tags

Capture the SEO metatags for each page (title, description, Open Graph etc). SEO meta tags are important for the purpose of extracting text from a web page. The goal of the process is to extract meta title and description text from each product page. Each page must have an SEO meta tag on it for the extraction to work properly. In order to identify specific content within the website that could be scraped, such as a company’s blog or their contact information (URL), we use content tags.

Content analysis

Instead of manually calculating word counts for each page, Hexomatic does this for you automatically based on the content tags scraped from your site or blog posts written by a specific person or company. This helps you focus on other aspects of SEO analysis and optimization.

Extract links from a page

To extract the links from a page, you can use either programming or coding. However, Hexomatic platform offers a much easier and faster way to do this. All you need is to provide a list of URLs or spreadsheet, and our platform will automatically extract the internal and external links for each product page. In addition, it will also extract the meta title and meta description for each page.

Get page content

Get page content by scraping specific content tags.

Convert images at scale

Files & Documents finder

Provide a list of image links

Image converter

Hexomatic allows you to convert images into JPG, PNG or PDF formats. You can provide a list of URLs for the app to convert.

Translate ad creatives or products at scale

Data input

You can provide a CSV file with a list of texts.

DeepL Translation

DeepL is a translation tool that can be used to translate ad creatives or products at scale. It offers translations that are accurate and faithful to the original text. Additionally, DeepL is easy to use, making it an ideal choice for businesses that need to translate large volumes of text quickly and efficiently.
For each row from data input, DeepL can translate to any language.

Pros & Cons using Hexomatic

There are a lot of pros to using Hexomatic. For example, it’s helpful for data extraction and work automation. Additionally, the UX is great and the automations are slow, which can be frustrating but also helpful because it prevents mistakes. 

Another pro is that Hexomatic has an in-depth video review of the platform and a tutorial to help get started. The table of contents shows some examples of using Hexomatic for different scenarios, such as extracting data from password-restricted pages or sharing deals with others. 

Finally, Hexomatic is great for scraping data from password-restricted pages–something that not many other tools can do.

However, there are also some cons to consider when using Hexomatic. For example, while its gamification system may increase engagement with users, it could also lead to more spammy posts or content being shared on your account if people try to take advantage of it. Additionally, the automations are slow which can be frustrating but also helpful because it prevents mistakes.

Hexomatic pricing

There are four pricing plans available for Hexomatic. The first is a free trial, which provides 75 credits per month with one simultaneous process running. 

The three premium plans provide different amounts of credits, processes running simultaneously and feature sets for customization. The most expensive option is the last plan, which offers 10,000 credits per month with unlimited simultaneous processes running. All three premium plans also offer a discount on all annual purchases.

The first plan is more than enough for most people, but if you are looking for a large amount of storage, the last plan would be your best bet.

Hexomatic Alternatives

There are a few different Hexomatic alternatives on the market. Some of these include SyncSpider, UIPath, and APIFY.

SyncSpider is a tool that can be used for data extraction from websites. It uses a crawling technique to find website content without having to crawl the entire internet. This is a valuable feature, as it can save time and resources when gathering information from multiple websites.

UIPath is another data extraction tool that offers similar benefits to SyncSpider. It also uses crawling techniques to locate specific website content; however, UIPath goes one step further by providing an interface for users to create workflows for automating their tasks. This makes it a powerful tool for businesses who want to automate their processes.

APIFY is the most recent addition to the data extraction tools market. It uses machine learning algorithms to detect specific metadata of websites- such as titles, meta descriptions, etc.- in order to make the process of extracting data faster and easier than ever before

Future of Hexomatic

Hexomatic is always looking for ways to improve and make it easier for users to get the most out of their data extraction needs. Recently, they’ve announced plans to add more integrations, being able to sort data, and introduce new workflow templates. Additionally, they will soon be adding AI text generation which will make it possible for them to respond to Tweets. These features will allow users greater flexibility and control when extracting data and automating workflows.

Email lists can also be collected and used to send out automated emails. This is a great way to keep in touch with customers or followers who have opted-in to receive communications from you. You can even use Hexomatic’s Workflow builder to automatically send out emails from your email list!


Hexomatic is a great tool for data extraction, analysis and automation. It can help you extract data from the web, API’s, emails, documents and more. Hexomatic can also help you automate workflows by providing an end-to-end set of solutions for data extraction cloud services.


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