Moovly review 2023: Easy Online Video Creation Tool

Moovly online video editing tool

Moovly is a cloud-based video editor software designed to help users create professional, customized videos in minutes. With its simple and intuitive drag-and-drop feature, it’s easy for anyone – from beginners to pros – to make an artful video with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Moovly has some helpful collaboration tools like the Properties Panel, Toolbar, and Timeline so that multiple people can work on one project simultaneously.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about downloading anything: Everything happens on the web with this browser based program! Explore this amazing software further as we review all of its features and costs along with some alternative solutions available in 2021.

What Is Moovly?

Moovly is an intuitive, cloud-based video editing software that enables users to easily create stunning videos.

Who Uses Moovly?

Moovly is a popular video creator with cross-industry appeal. Its features and capabilities make it ideal for many different types of users, from marketers to filmmakers, e-learning professionals to scientists.

Due to its versatility, Moovly can be used in countless fields such as marketing, education, entertainment and even healthcare. For example, marketeers use the drag and drop tools available in Moovly’s Studio feature to easily create advertisements that capture attention.

Educational institutions benefit from using the platform’s animation tools and templates; these allow them to build informative videos like educational documentaries and course materials quickly.

Amateur filmmakers have leveraged Moovly’s motion graphics library for special effects while professional movie studios have utilised itsStudio toolsetto produce compelling short films or promote upcoming projects.

Finally, Moovly also offers businesses lots of potential with its whiteboard videos making it an effective sales tool.

How To Use Moovly

  • Creating a project in Moovly is simple. Log into your account or create a new one, then click “Create New” to get started.
  • Once you have a new project, the program automatically takes you to the “Edit” page. Here, you can choose from the available templates or start with a blank canvas.
  • If you’re starting with a blank canvas, you can drag and drop images, videos, audio files and text onto the canvas. By dragging around elements that have already been added, users can customize their video by rearranging them as they wish.
  • You can also add visual effects such as transitions and video effects like filters, blurs and speed control which enable users to manipulate their work for creative results.
  • Once content has been added and arranged on the timeline, it’s time to begin customizing the audio aspect of your video. In this section, users are able to select from thousands of royalty-free songs as well as upload their own music or sound bites.
  • Users can customize the animation options for each element on – screen by tweaking animations such as zoom, rotate or skew variations until they achieve their desired look and feel.
  • Finally, once users are satisfied with their videos they can export them in SD (480p) or HD (1080p) quality directly from Moovly Studio in multiple formats including MP4, WEBM or animated GIFs right to various networks or sharing-ready websites such as YouTube or Vimeo with minimal clicks of their mouse!

Moovly Review: Moovly Features

Moovly offers users an array of video style possibilities, making it easy to create beautiful animations and videos.

The Properties Panel

Moovly has an advanced panel, the Properties Panel. This panel allows users to make many customizations to their images and shapes, as well as texts. Using the Text Properties button within this panel gives access to a tedious text editor providing options such as effects, font style, language directionality and so on.

The user can customize their texts with special font sizes, fonts styles (such as cursive), boldness settings for characters or words and others.

The Toolbar

The toolbar associated with Moovly is a detailed and user-friendly feature that makes it easy for users to access many aspects of the video editing process. The toolbar provides an easily accessible collection of various customisation options, such as adding titles, altering colours, and changing fonts.

Additionally, Moovly’s extensive library of free assets – including sound effects and graphics – can also be accessed from the toolbar. Furthermore, Moovly also offers high end features like motion tracking which allows you to digitally follow moving objects in a video.

As well as this, after creating their content, users have full control over colour corrections too – allowing them to fine tune individual elements or even alter entire images altogether without difficulty.

Timeline And Animation (Animated Videos)

Moovly makes creating animated videos easy with its user-friendly timeline feature. This timeline allows users to time and synchronize all objects within their videos for a smoother, more professional looking outcome.

With the combination of media elements from the library, such as images, audio clips, HD videos and more; users can create personalized animations using the built-in pop-up effects that come with Moovly.

This feature enables any level of user to be able to produce quality animations without having to be an expert animator or video editor. The Timeline also has adjustable sliders that make it easy to adjust speed rates and durations; giving users full control over how they want their projects organized without compromising on performance or style.

Saving And Exporting Your Video Content

Moovly offers a great feature for those who want to save and export their work. You can easily save your video in any format, including MP4 or MOV, as well as multiple device resolutions such as 720p (HD) or 4K Ultra HD. Videos exported from Moovly can be uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo or shared directly with other users through embedding it on existing websites and blogs. Additionally, you have an option of downloading the finished project without any restrictions that come with exporting files out of the platform. With its simple drag-and-drop interface, you don’t need any prior knowledge about coding or another kind of technical skill to use this tool – just select the file you created and let Moovly do all the hard work for you!

Customer Support And Customer Service

Moovly offers basic FAQ and video resources for customer support. These resources provide useful information to users on how to use various features as well as troubleshooting solutions.

However, the platform does not offer more extensive ‘real person’ contact options like live chat or a telephone helpline. Reviews from customers suggest that this can be a drawback for some if the written sources do not answer their queries sufficiently.

With regards to overall customer service, many users have reported that Moovly is generally responsive in responding to user emails about questions, refunds and technical issuesIt also provides helpful updates on new features and its blog is full of tutorial videos explaining different functions of the tool.

Moovly’s WordPress Plugin

Moovly has created a WordPress Plugin that allows users to easily incorporate videos they have made in Moovly onto their website. This plugin can be used with shortcodes, through which you simply paste the video URL into the code and it will display right there on your website.

Additionally, visitors to your website are able to make use of this integration by creating their own videos using themes created by Moovly’s video creation platform. Featuring editing tools, access to free sounds and graphics for animation as well as collaborative sharing features, the plugin is designed with simplicity in mind so that anyone can create professional looking videos without needing expert knowledge or tech skills.

What’s more, automation features allow users to apply templates from within the platform based on an API solution featured in the plugin – making it easier than ever to get started quickly.

Beyond just displaying existing videos from Moovly’s platform, users do not need to download any software – meaning all content is accessible for both makers and site viewers anytime and anywhere.

Moovly Review: Pros And Cons

In this section, the advantages and disadvantages of using Moovly are covered to help users evaluate if it is worth considering.

Advantages Of Moovly

Moovly is a great tool for creating videos that offer professional results and increased user engagement. Some of the features that make Moovly stand out from its competitors include:

  1. User-friendly graphical interface – The program’s drag-and-drop feature makes it extremely easy to insert items onto the canvas and edit them according to the users’ preference. There is also an intuitive toolbar that helps with navigating through different stages in video creation.
  2. Huge collection of free assets – Moovly offers a library of free audio, images, clips and fonts hosted on their site which saves time when creating video projects without having to download additional files online or access other sites.
  3. Animations/Motion Graphics– The properties panel allows users to easily add movement effects onto text, images or icons within each scene, giving them greater control over the final look and feel of their videos without ever leaving the platform’s interface..
  4. Cloud-based editing capabilities – Videos created using Moovly can be exported in formats such as MP4 or even viewed directly either on YouTube or any other video streaming website by simply copying their URL into generated HTML code given by Moovly itself ensuring maximum reach potential for content creators looking to share their work with a larger audience quickly..
  5. Variety of templates– Users get access to over 10 000+ existing templates tailored exactly around various topics like product promotions , tutorials , informative vlogs etc.. This way users don’t have to start from scratch allowing for faster production period times allowing more focus on creativity instead .

Disadvantages Of Moovly

Moovly is a great online video editor for hobbyists looking to make short videos, but it does lack some of the advanced features found in professional video-editing software.

The biggest disadvantages of Moovly are:

  1. Limited customization options – users may not be able to edit audio clips or create multiple layers for added depth and complexity in their videos.
  2. Accessibility issues when using different browsers – there have been reports from users who say they run into bugs and glitches when trying to use particular browsers with Moovly.
  3. No support for apps or plugins– while other popular video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro supports additional plug-ins such as effects packs, this isn’t offered on Moovly nor is any Apple store app available yet either..
  4. Lacking editing capabilities – backtrack/redo functions are limited so if you’re used to more flexible tools you could find that frustrating; also the velocity curves can come across as not very intuitive compared to top competitive programs such as Final Cut Pro X, Blender or Davinci Resolve 16+.
  5. No direct access to stock media – while many pro tools offer integration with services like Getty Images directly within the software, extended text animation options aren’t available either via motion tracking etc., which directs people away from its asset library towards third party banks or finding alternative solutions elsewhere (sometimes paying an extra fee).

Moovly Online Video Editor: Pricing And Plans

Moovly offers three subscription tiers with varying features and pricing, catering to the needs of a wide range of users. The table below provides a brief overview of each plan, highlighting the features included and the pricing for each subscription tier.

Plan Price Features
Free $0
  • Access to basic features
  • Unlimited videos
  • 480p video quality
  • Watermarked videos
  • Best for hobbyists
Pro $99/month or $399/year
  • 100+ million royalty free images, sounds and footage NEW
  • AI (GPT) video generation BETA
  • HD 1080p quality
  • Unlimited video length
  • 25 downloads or exports per month
  • Unlimited personal uploads
  • No watermark
  • Share projects with other users
  • Create video templates
Max $199/month or $599/year
  • 100+ million royalty free images, sounds and footage NEW
  • AI (GPT) video generation BETA
  • 50 downloads or exports per month
  • Text-to-Speech
  • Screen and webcam recording
  • Subtitles / Closed captions
  • Automated audio to subtitle conversion
  • Automated translation of videos
  • Color removal
Enterprise Contact Moovly for a quote
  • 100+ million royalty free images, sounds and footage NEW
  • AI (GPT) video generation BETA
  • User management back office
  • Floating subscriptions
  • Custom group libraries
  • Multiple accounts in one group
  • White-labeling options
  • Premium customer support level

While the Free plan is great for hobbyists and those looking to explore Moovly’s features, it comes with certain limitations, such as watermarked videos and lower resolution. The Pro plan is the most feature-rich and offers the best value for professionals and businesses, providing HD video quality, unlimited video length, and 25 downloads or exports per month. For larger organizations and agencies, the Enterprise plan provides custom pricing, collaboration tools, and white-label solutions, ensuring a tailored experience to meet their unique needs.

Moovly Alternatives

For users looking for alternatives to Moovly, some potential options include video editing programs like Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro, as well as freemium software such as WeVidio, Powtoon and Filmora.

Suggested Alternatives

There are many online tools available for video editing and animation creation, such as Animaker, Renderforest, Vyond, Canva, Adventr, and Pictory. Animaker offers pre-built templates and a library of free images and animations to make creating videos easier. Renderforest supports various platforms and offers cloud storage. Vyond has intuitive drag-and-drop tools for customizing animated content. Powtoon and Doodly are also popular for their flexibility and ease of use. Animoto offers automated editing tools for creating professional-looking videos, and WeVideo allows for collaboration within their cloud-based platform. All of these tools can help entrepreneurs increase productivity and creativity while keeping costs low.

Conclusion: Is Moovly Worth Using?

Overall, Moovly is an efficient tool that allows users to make creative and attractive videos.

User Reviews

User reviews for Moovly, show a largely positive sentiment with many appreciating the intuitive interface and variety of features.

Users from startups to large corporations have touted the platform’s ability to create professional level videos in an accessible way—often in less time than it would take traditional animators or video experts.

Reviews often highlight the drag-and-drop vector images and simple timeline editing, as well as pre-made templates based on popular styles like “stories ads” and flat animations with kinetic typography.

Furthermore, users praised the availability of royalty free media such as photographs, graphics and sound effects to customize projects even further. Additionally, many user interviews emphasize how quickly economic results can be obtained by using Moovly without requiring technical knowledge such as coding or graphic design experience.

Final Thoughts

Moovly is a well-rounded online platform for creating engaging videos which may suit the needs of both individuals and businesses. It offers an intuitive user interface, providing users with a wide range of tools to choose from in order to create high quality animated videos or whiteboard explainers quickly and easily.

While its free plans are limited, they allow those on tight budgets – such as students or smaller businesses – to make use of the program’s features. Moovly also offers its premium Pro membership if you require access to unlimited templates, graphics, and longer video clips.

However, despite its advantages in affordability, convenience and functionality; some users have complained about certain aspects of the service such as customer support and video rendering time being too slow compared with other alternatives.

Therefore it comes down each user’s unique circumstances when deciding whether Moovly is worth using for their project(s).

Key Takeaways

  • Moovly is an intuitive, cloud – based video editing software that enables users to easily create stunning videos.
  • Users can access thousands of royalty – free songs as well as upload their own music or sound bites when customizing audio in the video editor.
  • Moovly has a friendly user interface with simple drag and drop tools like the Properties Panel and Toolbar for easy customization of text, images, shapes and animation effects.
  • The timeline feature in Moovly allows users to adjust speed rates and synch up different elements on the canvas for more professional sounding videos.


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