How To Check Muncheye Launch Calendar To Promote A Product

This article outlines how to select a product on the Muncheye Launch Calendar. This product then can be promoted as an affiliate.

Checking Muncheye Launch Calander

Go to Muncheye.

At the top you will see banners which are promoting BIG launches – the product creators are paying approx $150 per day to have their products displayed there.

In the left column, you will see BIG launches – product creators pay approx. $50 per day to have their products listed there.

In the right column, you will see All Launches (This is the best place to concentrate on)

  • Check this list once per week to check for any new launches that month.
  • Such as JVZoo or WarriorPlus, If it’s blank it may be a different network or self-hosted
  • Check the date the product is being launched. (Your conversions will be lower if product launched 2-3 days ago)

The best time to promote the product is on the day of launch and then follow up with emails during the few days after the launch.

  • Once you have found a product you’re interested in promoting then open up the sales page in a new tab.
  • Right click name of product and click open in new tab.
  • Repeat this for several different products you’re interested in promoting.
  • Check the launch details which include;
  • The Vendor/ Product creator
    • You can click on the vendor name and see a list of products they have launched before and you can check stats on those products
  • Product name
  • Launch date & time
  • Front end price
    • The price of the first product in the funnel
  • JV page link
    • Very important! Check if they have a JV page, if it’s a professional looking page, does it has a JV video etc. or does it not have a JV page at all?
    • Does the JV page have a funnel showing commissions you will earn from upsells and downsells?
    • If there’s no JV page then simply move onto the next product which does provide the details you need.
  • Commissions
    • The commission percentage you will earn for each sale you make.

Normally a front-end product priced below $10 should ideally offer 100% commissions and on upsells/oto’s normally expect 50% commissions.

  • You can calculate approximate EPC’s from commissions and a product converting on average at 10%
  • Check which platform is this product launching on
  • Which niche/category is the product in and will it be relevant to your list or followers?
  • When you find a JV page that you like, then look through the sales page and decide if the product is for you to promote.
  • To do more research on the product vendor click on the link to get your affiliate link.
  • You will then see a page on i.e JVZoo where you find the vendors name and a button where you can view profile.
  • You will then see a list of all of the previous products they have launched.
  • To research any of the vendor’s products individually (on JVzoo) click on the Affiliates tab at the top and in dropdown click on find products.
  • In the keyword search box enter the name of the product or the name of the product creator.
  • You will then see a list of all the product creator’s products and the details of sales, EPC’s and refund rates etc.

When you have found a product that’s suited to your audience, you feel that it will convert well and you are happy to promote it then make a note of the date and enter the JV page link into the relevant date in your Google Calendar.

You may also want to build a bonus page and promote that offer for the following 3-4 days after launch. (Check Bonus page Checklist)

To research any of the vendor’s products individually using Warrior Plus, Go to the JV Page and click on get your affiliate link, Then click on the vendors name.

You will then see information on the vendor such as;

  • The number of followers they have.
  • How many featured products they’ve had.
  • The number of sales they’ve made.
  • The product’s they have sold in the past.

Once you click on the Get Your Affiliate Link on the JV Page you will be taken to a page where you can request Affiliate Approval.

Once you’ve been approved you can then copy your affiliate link and start driving traffic to it.​


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