Namecheap review: is it the best budget hosting in (2022)?

Namecheap is one of the most popular, reputable, and affordable domain registrars in the world. This review will help you decide if Namecheap is the right choice for your business or personal website.

Namecheap Overview

Namecheap is a web hosting company that was started in 2001. It’s headquartered in Los Angeles, and they offer a wide range of services, including domain name registration, web hosting, email hosting, and SSL certificates. They also have a reseller program for those who want to start their own web hosting company.

Namecheap has four main plans: Stellar, Professional, Business, and Enterprise. The Stellar plan is the most popular and offers the most features, while the Enterprise plan is designed for large businesses. All of Namecheap’s plans come with unlimited bandwidth and a free SSL certificate.

In addition to their main plans, Namecheap also has an entry-level “all inclusive” plan that starts at $1 per month and renews at $4 per month for four years. This plan includes website builder software, SEO tools, online marketing credits, and more.

Who is Namecheap Best For?


Namecheap is a popular choice for domain registrars and web hosting. They offer unbeatable domain name prices, as well as competitive renewal rates. Additionally, Namecheap offers a varied selection of services, from website hosting to domain registrations. This makes them an ideal choice for people who work with domains or web hosting.

Namecheap also carries a range of hosting options, making them a great choice for buyers who want to purchase domains much more affordably than elsewhere. In addition, Namecheap is one of the lowest-priced hosts in the industry and has one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the business. Lastly, they are easy to use with some added security features, like private domain registrations.

Namecheap Offerings

Namecheap Domains

Namecheap is a great option for buying domains because of how affordable and easy they are to manage. Namecheap offers free perks like privacy protection and has more domain options then other popular registrars, among others. The first three levels are the same price, but the fourth has a different cost. The fifth level is $6 and the sixth is $0. Namecheap also offers a 48 month plan that gives you the first 12 months for free when you purchase any domain name from them for just $4/yr.

Namecheap WordPress Hosting

Namecheap offers WordPress hosting for as low as $1/month. The EasyWP Turbo plan has twice as much RAM and CPU as the Starter plan, along with 1.5 times more visitors and SSL for $34.44/month (billed annually). The EasyWP Supersonic Plan offers unlimited resources at a higher monthly cost of $47.88/month (billed annually). All plans come with a 9% uptime guarantee for WordPress websites.

Namecheap Apps

Namecheap offers a range of apps to help with website management. Some apps are free while others come at a cost.

The Namecheap App Center is home to a variety of helpful applications, including:

Logo Maker: This app helps you create stunning logos in minutes, without any design experience needed.

Strikingly: Strikingly lets you create professional-looking websites in minutes, without any coding required.

Weebly: Weebly is the easiest way to create a website, blog or online store.

Ghost Machine: Ghost Machine is an easy-to-use WordPress site builder that gives you everything you need to make a beautiful website in no time.

Namecheap Uptime Monitoring: This app monitors your website’s uptime and provides alerts if it goes offline for any reason.

Namecheap Security

Namecheap offers a two-factor authentication, VPN service and protection from personal data. Domain registrars offer limited privacy features when purchasing a domain with them. Namecheap’s security features include:

Two-factor authentication

VPN service

Protection from personal data

Domain name privacy (WHOISGuard)

Other benefits include the use of CloudLinux operating system, which makes all the shared hosting servers extremely reliable and increases their website performance rapidly. This hosting service separates its users from one another to limit security breaches. This hosting service often limits malware and virus in any client’s website whose files are stored in their servers and databases. Namecheap offers shared hosting servers with at least 2 processors, 16GB of RAM, and 4 hard drives with RAID protection.

Pros of Using Namecheap Hosting

Free Domain and Migration

Namecheap is offering a free domain name and hosting plan with the first year paid in advance. This makes it an attractive option for people who are starting a website from scratch, as they can get everything they need to get started without spending any additional money.

Namecheap also boasts guaranteed migration time of less than 24 hours and no downtime. So if you’re unhappy with your current host or are looking to switch hosts, Namecheap is a good option because you won’t have to wait long for your site to be transferred over and there will be no interruption in service.

Additionally, Namecheap offers a safe and risk-free migration to shared hosting. If the migration doesn’t go as planned, they’ll credit your account with the value of your first purchase of shared hosting. This ensures that you won’t lose any money if something goes wrong during the transfer process.

Namecheap also offers users a free domain and migration service when they sign up for one of their shared hosting plans. And since Namecheap is the cheapest option for hosting, with packages that include freebies such as domains or email addresses, it’s a great choice for people on a budget who want access to all the features of a premium host.

Finally, Namecheap has comprehensive knowledge base articles for customers to reference when searching for information about their account or website’s settings/features/troubleshooting. So if you ever have a question about your site or hosting plan, chances are you’ll be able to find the answer on Namecheap’s website.

Namecheap provides Good Uptime

Namecheap has a solid 99.95% uptime during the last 12 months, which is impressive in its own right. A key function of Namecheap’s hosting package is that they offer 24/7 customer support so customers have someone to talk to if there are any issues with their website or hosting service. In addition, Namecheap offers a 95% uptime guarantee, as well as a 30-day money back guarantee.

Namecheap provides Decent Load Time

Namecheap is one of the fastest-loading hosting providers on the market. Over the past 12 months, their page speed has averaged 421 ms. Additionally, Namecheap’s website content loads in 411 seconds on average. This quick loading time ensures customer satisfaction and keeps visitors engaged with your website.

30-day Money-Back Guarantee

All other hosting plans are only guaranteed for 99.9% uptime, instead of the 100% uptime offered by shared plans. If you’re not happy with your hosting for any reason, Namecheap offers a 30 day money-back guarantee so you can get a full refund and switch to another provider without losing any money.

Namecheap offers Fully-Loaded Value Plan

Namecheap offers a Fully-Loaded Value Plan that is perfect for small businesses or individuals who have multiple websites. This plan includes unmetered bandwidth, so you never have to worry about going over your limit. You also get access to cPanel, which makes managing your websites easy. Plus, Namecheap gives you two-week backups of all of your data so you can always restore if something goes wrong. And if you need help setting up your website, their customer service team is available 24/7 to assist you.

Excellent Third-Party Reviews

NameCheap is an excellent web hosting company, as evidenced by the over one million reviews on Shopper Reviewed. These reviews help ensure that each review isn’t based solely on their own experience – in other words, they’re verified.

Namecheap offers a wide range of hosting services for different needs, which is great because it means they likely have something to meet your needs. However, the strict limitations of the managed WordPress plans may be an issue if you’re looking for more options.

Namecheap is easy to use and reliable; their fast servers are located in multiple countries so you’ll be able to find one that’s close by no matter where you are. Additionally, Namecheap is a trusted domain name registrar and web hosting provider – in fact, they’ve been around since 2009! This longevity means they’ve had plenty of time to learn what works best in the industry and pass those lessons along to their customers.

Cons of Using Namecheap Hosting

Customer Support can be improved

Namecheap offers a knowledge base for their hosting service. However, sometimes you need to speak to somebody in order to get answers to common problems. Live chats are available, but they can be slow and not always helpful. Namecheap is not the cheapest option for web hosting, but they offer good customer support. In fact, all tickets are answered in 15 minutes or less by an agent. The product is very good with added value and will be professional throughout the process. However, if you’re having a negative experience with Namecheap Hosting, then this review might be useful to you.

Less Number of Datacenters

Namecheap only has two data centers, which is a disadvantage compared to other hosting providers who have multiple data centers around the world. If you’re looking for a host that can offer redundancy and high availability, Namecheap may not be the best option.

Namecheap Pricing

When it comes to web hosting, Namecheap is one of the most affordable providers on the market. All of its hosting plans come with unmetered bandwidth and a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try out its services without any risk.

The renewal rate for Namecheap is 98%, so you can rest assured that you’re getting a great deal. In addition, all of its hosting plans include cPanel/WHM, domain name, privacy protection and automatic SSL certifications.

WP Hosting plans offer features like 99% uptime and 24/7 customer support. You can also get free auto SSL installation with Namecheap hosting.

NameCheap offers a number of email plans with different features. For example, its Business Plan includes 50 GB SSD storage and unlimited websites for just $4.48 per month.

All of NameCheap’s hosting plans are customizable, so you can pick the plan that best suits your needs and budget.

Namecheap Compared to the Best Domain Registrars

Namecheap is a great domain registrar, but it’s important to compare it to the other best domain registrars on the market. Namecheap offers a wide range of features, including registration renewal rates and the number of domains to offer. It also has a good domain management system that can help you with transferring your domains.

However, Namecheap is not always the cheapest option and may not offer all of the features that you need. In this case, it’s important to compare Namecheap to some of the other top domain registrars on the market.

Some of these top domain registrars include GoDaddy, 1&1 IONOS, Dreamhost, and HostGator. All of these providers offer competitive prices as well as a variety of features that can meet your specific needs. It’s important to do your research before deciding which provider is right for you.


Namecheap is an excellent domain registrar for those on a budget. It offers all the features and tools you need to get your website up and running, and its prices are very reasonable. In addition, Namecheap offers great customer support and is very easy to use. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly domain registrar, Namecheap is a great option.


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