Synthesys Review 2023: AI Text-To-Speech and Human Synthesys Studio

Synthesys ai

Synthesys is an AI video and text-to-speech platform that helps to create realistic, lifelike human voices. It combines state-of-the art Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology with natural human voice recordings to deliver remarkable audio and video content with unbeatable speed and cost efficiency.

With Synthesys, users have full control over the narration tracks, and patterns can be quickly recognized by the platform for enviable accuracy. Whether you’re a small business owner working on explainer videos or an influencer crafting podcasts, Synthesys has many features that will help in creating high-quality content without spending too much time or money.

What Is Synthesys?

Synthesys is an AI-driven text-to-speech and video platform that helps create naturalistic-sounding content in multiple languages.

AI Text-to-Speech

AI Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology is an artificial intelligence system that can convert text into a natural sounding human voice without any human intervention.

Synthesys offers AI powered TTS, allowing users to easily create quality, natural sounding voiceovers to enhance their projects and create audio experience like no other.

With Synthesys’ wide range of voices in 100+ languages, it allows businesses and individuals to take advantage of the latest cutting edge technology by quickly creating realistic voices with highly accurate pronunciation which are otherwise be impossible to replicate.

It also enables speed and scalability including batch processing capabilities for quick production turnaround time which saves both time and money when compared against traditional manual recording methods.

AI Video

Synthesys’ AI Video feature is a revolutionary way of creating real human-like video content. It uses sophisticated text-to-speech and lip-synching technology to generate realistic avatar images that can be used for commercial purposes such as marketing, advertising campaigns, explainer videos, training programs and more.

With Synthesys’ voiceovers available in multiple languages, users are able to create videos quickly with natural human voices. Additionally, its user friendly platform is designed to make it easy for users regardless of their level of experience or knowledge.

Moreover, customers get access to over 20 humatars with different expressions which they can customize according to their needs while its Daily Export Limit helps them create high quality video content without spending too much time and money on producing each individual one.

Key Takeaways

  • Synthesys offers an AI-driven text-to-speech and video platform that helps create naturalistic sounding content in multiple languages.
  • Synthesys provides over 35 real human voices in 100+ languages, advanced lip synching technology, customizable voiceovers and multilingual support.
  • Small business owners, marketers, brands and influencers as well as video production companies all benefit from the software’s powerful features such as its wide variety of AI actors & voices , faster turnaround times at a minimal cost with unlimited downloads and results requiring no expert knowledge .
  • With its daily export limit of 20 videos, users are able to quickly scale their video creation with ease whether they need one video per language or more.

Synthesys Human Synthesys Studio Key Features

Synthesys offers a wide variety of AI actors and voices, customizable voiceovers, and multilingual support for the user’s convenience.

Wide Variety Of AI Actors And Voices

Synthesys offers an extensive library of actors and voices, including more than 35 real human voices in total. Synthesys also supports 140 languages and 374 voices for text-to-speech and AI video functionality, allowing for various forms of marketing content to be quickly generated with natural human-like cadence. This feature is especially useful for creating videos that require perfect lip-synching or training videos that cover all aspects of a product or service.

The wide variety of AI actors and voices available on Synthesys makes it a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes, as well as marketers, advertising agencies, brands and influencers, video production companies, freelancers, etc. It is an excellent choice for those who wish to create high-quality visuals without having to show their face or voiceover audio files themselves. In addition, with no expert knowledge needed and helpful customer support standing ready to help users get the most out of this software – it couldn’t be easier to take advantage of the many features offered by Synthesys.

Synthesys’ varied AI actors and voices provide users with:

• An option to easily create videos like a real human being;

• The ability to create amazing videos without spending too much money;

• Numerous different voices available for use in projects;

• Natural human voice characteristics which enhance customer experience;

• Natural-sounding text-to-voices through speech recognition technology;

• Video creator tools which overlay user’s text over humatars’ lips;

• Gives marketers a powerful way to make explainer videos or explain complex concepts;

• A daily export limit of 20 videos at any given time without having to worry about installing software updates in between uses.

Customizable Voiceovers

Synthesys offers an extensive range of human-like voices that can be tailored to fit specific brand messaging and styles. With access to over 38 real human voices in 140 languages and 374 voices, marketers have a unique opportunity to choose the right voice for their project.

By using AI Text-to-Speech technology, synthetic human voices can be created with just the click of a button. For brands looking for greater customization, Synthesys also provides lip-synching voiceover technology which will help create videos that look like they were recorded by real humans through text or via Google.

Through this method, users can easily craft natural sounding audio clips without needing to show their face or spending on high priced VoiceOver Artists.

The platform also allows unlimited downloads so marketers can save time from reusing existing recordings with high quality audio files that don’t sound robotic but has a more natural sound typically used in explainer videos, training materials and commercial advertising spots.

Multilingual Support

Synthesys makes bridging the language barrier simpler than ever by offering over 140 languages for its AI text-to-video generator. With a total voicebank of 254 unique styles and 73 real Humanatars, users are able to easily create videos in multiple different languages, making it perfect for brands, businesses and individuals looking to reach an international audience.

By using Synthesys AI technology users can quickly and easily generate multilingual content without needing any expert knowledge or training. This also allows marketers to create engaging explainer videos without having to show their face or use synthetic human voices – giving them a natural human touch that helps enhance their customer experience.

Additionally with its daily export limit of 20 videos, this gives marketers the ability to scale their video creation with ease whether they need one video per language or many more.

Who Can Benefit From Synthesys AI Studio?

From small businesses, marketers, and advertising agencies to brands and influencers as well as video production companies and freelancers, Synthesys is a powerful tool that can help them create high quality videos with natural-sounding voices quickly.

Small Businesses

Small businesses now have the opportunity to use AI-powered text-to-speech and video technologies to take their branding and communication efforts to the next level.

Advanced features like Synthesys’ Human Synth Studio offer a wide variety of AI actors with natural-sounding voices that can create captivating, professional videos without ever showing a human face on screen.

This is especially useful for creating training materials or explaining difficult concepts in an easy to understand visual format. Additionally, marketers are able to leverage humatars (human avatars) powered by Synthesys’ custom voiceover technology to craft engaging content for various marketing initiatives.

With options for multi-lingual support currently available and more languages being added regularly, small business owners now have access to high-quality tools that will help them communicate better in multiple markets world wide.


Marketers who are looking for professional audiovisual content can benefit from Synthesys by creating thoughtful videos with natural-sounding voiceovers.

With its wide variety of AI actors and voices, customizability and multilingual support, the software is an efficient tool for producing video campaigns quickly and efficiently.

The easy to use platform enables marketers to create compelling videos in a matter of minutes without having to show their face or spend hours on editing audio files. Furthermore, it also provides helpful customer support which makes things easier when marketing teams need guidance regarding complex technologies like Text-to-Speech (TTS).

Advertising Agencies

Advertising Agencies have to prioritize originality and artistic value in the content they produce for clients or risk losing out on business. This means staying current and up-to-date with marketing trends, as well as being able to respond quickly to requests.

Synthesys AI Text-to-Speech and Video tools can be an invaluable asset as they provide fast access to real human voices, customisable voiceovers, different languages supported and a wide variety of AI actors which make it easier for agencies to create unique content quickly.

By utilising these features, ad agencies can craft high quality videos that engage their audiences more effectively using natural human voices. The platform’s ability to offer tangible results is further strengthened through consumer engagement research which confirms its effectiveness in creating impactful ads at scale.

Brands And Influencers

Working together, Synthesys can help brands and influencers create impactful content with the use of AI text-to-speech technology, voiceovers, and avatars to customize their brand messages and reach out to specific audiences.

With Synthesys’s wide variety of humanlike AI actors and voices available in multiple languages, they can easily create videos like a real human without having to show their own face.

As noted in a meta-analytic synthesis of research on the effects of brand placement versus no brand placement, using an influencer or audio branding has been linked to increase cognitive responses from customers.

Brands also have the option to include custom lip-synching or natural human touch for further realism.

Video Production Companies

Video production companies stand to gain a lot from Synthesys technology. With its AI Text-to-Speech, AI Video and customizable voiceovers, companies can create engaging content for their customers no matter what language they speak.

Multilingual support is a great option for reaching a global audience and the variety of AI actors and voices provide an authentic feel that looks just like real humans speaking on screen.

Companies can record separate audio files for each video in order to easily lip-synch with their humatar avatars and get that extra layer of “human touch” when creating videos.

Additionally, using Synthesys also helps reduce production time by automating tasks such as editing while preserving the natural human quality of the recordings.

For example, Homein used Synthesys’s Human Synthesis Studio to create explainer videos in 11 languages quickly & cost effectively without having to show their faces or use synthetic human voices which don’t sound quite right.


For freelancers, Synthesys offers plenty of benefits. For starters, it’s AI-powered platform can help to create videos with real human voices in a matter of minutes – no need for talent acquisition or time spent searching for voiceover talent.

The wide variety of AI actors and voices makes the process simple, whether you’re creating audio files for podcasts and explainer videos, or lip-synching AVATARs for training videos that cover different topics.

All voices are natural sounding and customizable to match your needs exactly. It also has multilingual support which is great if you’re looking to reach global markets.

On top of this, Synthesys comes with a Commercial License so there’s no worry about using their content without spending extra money on royalties or rights fees. It is extremely user-friendly – its intuitive interface requires minimal effort and integration with other platforms like YouTube can be done without any technical expert knowledge making it fully accessible even by inexperienced users.

Syntesys Review: Ease Of Use And Customer Support

Synthesys boasts an easy to use interface and helpful customer support team standing by to answer questions, making this software user-friendly for any level of experience.

No Expert Knowledge Needed

Synthesys is designed to be user-friendly and accessible, with an intuitive interface that makes it easy for users of all types to create high-quality voiceovers and videos without the need for any prior knowledge or experience.

The platform offers a wide range of features that make creating flawless audio recordings fast and simple including adjustable video speed, auto lip sync—which can even animate avatar mouths in synch with the words spoken – plus customizable text fonts and vibrant visuals.

Synthesys also provides helpful customer support should users run into any issues; whether by email or through their in-app chat service, they’ll have someone always on hand to assist them quickly.

Helpful Customer Support

Synthesys offers outstanding customer support, featuring live chat, email and phone support. With these options, Synthesys provides users with an easy way to get prompt assistance in case of any trouble when using the platform.

The friendly customer service reps take the time to listen carefully and answer all your questions or demonstrate step-by-step instructions for resolving any issues you may have.

Additionally, they are knowledgeable about their products and always trying their best to help users make full use of Synthesys’ offerings. According to reviews from customers who have used their services, they seem to be quite satisfied as they appreciate how quickly Syntesys responds without sacrificing quality of customer service.

Furthermore, a 30-day money back guarantee ensures that if you’re unhappy with the product experience on offer then you can cancel it within 30 days and receive a refund no questions asked.

User-Friendly Platform

Synthesys provides an intuitive interface to make it easy for anyone to access its features and functions. With no expert knowledge required, even small businesses and freelancers can quickly get up and running with Synthesys in minutes.

Synthesys also offers helpful customer support via their email at for users who need additional assistance. This enables the platform’s wide diversity of users – from marketers, influencers, video production companies, etc., to easily create real human voiceovers without having to show their face or undergo complex editing processes like lip-synching.

As Gartner Peer Insights Customer Choice recognizes that user-friendliness is a key factor when assessing electronic services quality, Synthesys has also taken into consideration the importance of this by providing ready access for technical support on their telehealth platforms as well as ensuring daily export limits are enough for small content creators’ needs while giving videographers the horsepower they may require through broader range of voices available in different languages and styles (Gartner Peer Insights Customer Choice).

Synthesys Pricing

Synthesys offers a range of pricing plans to cater to the needs of different users, whether they are individuals, small businesses, or large enterprises. These plans provide various features and capabilities, ensuring that users can choose the plan that best suits their needs and budgets.

Synthesys offers three different pricing plans:

1. Audio Synthesys for $35 per month, which includes unlimited voice-over downloads, access to 38 real human voices, and access to 140 languages.

2. Human Studio Synthesys for $45 per month, which includes unlimited videos, access to 73 Humatars, access to 140 languages and 374 voices, and the ability to upload your own voice and fully customize your videos.

3. Audio and Human Studio Synthesys for $65 per month, which includes unlimited videos and voice-overs, access to both software, and all features included at a 20% discount.

All plans come with a 7-day money-back guarantee and are fully web-based.


Synthesys is an AI-powered text to speech software that can help businesses and individuals create engaging videos for content marketing, advertising campaigns, training videos, customer outreach and more.

Its AI actors and voices allow for customization on both the level of accentuation required as well as voice type. The software works with any platform or browser and no prior technical skills are needed to start creating video productions from scratch.

The multilingual support means users are able to reach out to different markets efficiently while the pricing structure allows even small businesses capitalize on new opportunities.

While Synthesys offers great benefits over other solutions such as audio libraries, it should be noted that it does not have a “natural actor” feel like some professional human avatars might have; however, if budget is a consideration this shouldn’t pose major issues.


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