How To Setup Free Warrior Plus Account

Creating and setting up a free Warrior plus account is easy. In this article you will find step by step guide to setup a new warrior plus account. 

Steps To Setup Warrior Plus Account

To create a free Warrior+Plus account go to
Click Free Signup at the top of the page


Enter a Username

This could be your own name, a brand or company name or anything else you prefer but it’s worth remembering that if you plan to create your own products and build your reputation as well as connect with people on social media then it may be a good idea to use your own name so people recognise you.

Enter a password

Remember to keep this password along with your other login details somewhere safe so you don’t forget them.

Enter your email address

Make sure you enter an email address that you have access to and one which you use often as you may receive important emails that you don’t want to miss.

Choose whether you want to receive notifications of special offers and updates by checking or un-checking the box.

Check the box in the Captcha code

Complete the verification process to prove that you are not a robot by clicking on all of the boxes containing part of an object that is mentioned.

Click the Create Account button

Verify your email address

Go check your inbox for an email from Warriorplus (if you see it check your spam folder) then open the email and click the link to complete your registration.

Now log in to your new Warrior+Plus account

Edit your profile

It’s worth remembering that people buy from people they know, like and trust so when you are editing your profile think about how people will see you.

Profile image

Upload a high-quality professional looking image of yourself, if people don’t see an image of you it can seem like you’re trying to hide something. Be open and honest in your profile and connect with people who are likely to buy from you as a product creator or as an affiliate.

Enter your details

Think about who will be checking out your profile and spend a little time on your bio and introduction. Ideally you want to make it sound good enough for people to feel that it’s worth following you.


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