What is Muncheye? All You Need To Know For Make Money Online Niche

Launch Calendar

The launch calendar is the backbone of any internet marketing product launch.

You can plan your launch or a promotion with a calendar, which will help you stay on top of every step. This blog will look at some of the questions about Muncheye and most popular ways of using the internet marketing launch calendar.

What is Muncheye?

Muncheye is an online tool that lists upcoming product launches to be launched by vendors for internet marketers or affiliates to promote them. Basically, it is an internet marketing product launch calendar which connects creators and promoters.

Muncheye Product Launch Lists

On the main page of muncheye.com you will find three types of launch lists

Big Launches

Launches from reputable vendors usually result in big launches.

Muncheye’s homepage shows big launches on the left hand side and in blue.

If you are a vendor, you can identify the big competition coming up. This is based on their past launches.

By identifying big launches that are launched by reputable vendors, you can identify best performing affiliate opportunities.

This list contains the biggest upcoming launches.

​​Following Table shows list of Big Launches

Note: Table is updated every Sunday.

Cheetah Builder2022-Sep-06https://muncheye.com/cheetahSimon Warner$29750%https://cheetahbuilderpro.com/jv/JVZooNot found.
Profit Singularity Ultra Edition2022-Sep-06Mark LingNot found.%https://profitsjv.com/launch-2022/OtherGeneral
Courserious 2.02022-Sep-7https://muncheye.com/eric-holmlund-et-al-courserious-2Eric Holmlund et al$3750%https://www.courserio.us/jv/JVZooSoftware
ReachOutSuite.io2022-Sep-8https://muncheye.com/neil-napier-reachoutsuiteNeil Napier$7750%https://reachoutsuite.io/jvPayKickstartVideo
CourseReel AI2022-Sep-13https://muncheye.com/coursereelaiAbhi Dwivedi$6750%https://muncheye.com/https://CourseReel.io/partnersJVZooVideo
Virtual Event Summit2022-Sep-16https://muncheye.com/vesSam Bakker$27100%https://ves.skola.com/jv/PayKickstartGeneral
Video Launch2022-Sep-19https://muncheye.com/todd-gross-video-launchTodd Gross$4750%https://muncheye.com/Coming SoonJVZooNot found.
ConvertLead2022-Sep-20https://muncheye.com/mark-thompson-convertleadMark Thompson$6750%https://convertlead.com/jv/PayKickstartGeneral
ADVERTSUITE 2.02022-Sep-21https://muncheye.com/advertsuite2022Luke Maguire$4750%https://advertsuite.com/jv/JVZooSoftware
Blog Defender 20222022-Sep-21Mike Johnson$17- $2750%https://blogdefender.com/jvwplus/WarriorPlusSEO & Traffic
Major Agency Tool2022-Sep-26https://muncheye.com/karthik-ramani-lgKarthik Ramani$4750%https://rewardsly.co/jvJVZooSoftware
Clever Messenger2022-Sep-26Stefan van der Vlag$19950%https://paykstrt.com/request/4509PayKickstartSoftware
Real A.I Launch2022-Sep-27https://muncheye.com/joshua-zamora-sl-launchJoshua Zamora$4750%https://muncheye.com/comingsoonJVZooGeneral
Kazaa2022-Oct-3https://muncheye.com/kazaaIfiok Nkem$4750%https://muncheye.com/TBAJVZooSoftware
SocialVid2022-Oct-4https://muncheye.com/anthony-ike-socialvidAnthony Ike$4750%https://muncheye.com/TBAJVZooSoftware
Viddle Interact2022-Oct-6https://muncheye.com/neil-napier-viddle-interactNeil Napier$3750%https://neilnapierjv.com/jv/jvJVZooVideo
The Plan2022-Oct-11Dan Hollings et al$349740%https://go.theplanrocks.com/detailsOtherCryptocurrency
Zapable2022-Oct-18Andrew Fox Chris Fox$99750%https://zapable.com/jvJVZooSoftware
Spin Rewriter 132022-Oct-19https://muncheye.com/aaron-sustar-spin-rewriter-13Aaron Sustar$7750%https://www.spinrewriter.com/jv-2022OtherSEO & Traffic
New AI App!2022-Oct-20https://muncheye.com/todd-gross-new-ai-appTodd Gross$4750%https://muncheye.com/Coming SoonJVZooNot found.
The Asigo System2022-Oct-25Chris Munch$299750%https://asigosystem.com/jvClickbankSoftware
ReplyTap2022-Oct-26https://muncheye.com/karthik-ramani-replytapKarthik Ramani$19750%https://replytap.io/jv/JVZooSoftware
StoryReel2022-Oct-31https://muncheye.com/storeyreelAbhi Dwivedi$7750%https://muncheye.com/https://ReelApps.io/jvJVZooVideo
GC with Skola2022-Nov-01https://muncheye.com/gcSam Bakker (Skola)$6750%http://ves.skola.com/jvPayKickstartNot found.
MailHuntr2022-Nov-3https://muncheye.com/neil-napier-mailhuntrNeil Napier$3750%https://neilnapierjv.com/jv/jvJVZooSoftware
Video Press2022-Nov-8IM Wealth Builders$17-$2750%http://covertvideopress.com/jv/WarriorPlusVideo
Prezentar™2022-Nov-14https://muncheye.com/adeel-chowdhry-affiliate-programAdeel Chowdhry$4750%https://prezentarjv.com/ClickbankGeneral
NovA.I20222022-Nov-17https://muncheye.com/joshua-zamora-beast-modeJoshua Zamora$4450%https://launchspecial.com/comingsoonJVZooSoftware
Viddyoze2022-Nov-22https://muncheye.com/joey-xoto-et-al-viddyoze-2Joey Xoto et al$6750%https://viddyoze.com/partners/PayKickstartVideo
Covrr Studio 2.02022-Nov-23https://muncheye.com/karthik-ramani-covrr-studiokarthik Ramani$3750%https://muncheye.com/https://covrr.studio/jv/JVZooSoftware
Easy Traffic Bot2022-Nov-29https://muncheye.com/im-wealth-builders-easytrafficbotIM Wealth Builders$17-$2750%http://easytrafficbot.com/jv/JVZooSoftware
MemberOwls2022-Nov-29https://muncheye.com/memberowlsAbhi Dwivedi$6750%https://muncheye.com/https://ReelApps.io/jvJVZooVideo
VIO launch2022-December-1https://muncheye.com/neil-napier-vio-launchNeil Napier$3750%https://neilnapierjv.com/jv/jvJVZooGeneral
ReelApps Meta2022-Dec-20https://muncheye.com/abhi-dwivedi-reelapps-metaAbhi Dwivedi$9750%https://muncheye.com/https://ReelApps.io/jvJVZooVideo
Competeup2022-Dec-22https://muncheye.com/competeupKarthik Ramani$3750%https://competeup.io/jv/JVZooSoftware
Sonority2023-Nov-13https://muncheye.com/sonorityAbhi Dwivedi$7750%https://muncheye.com/https://ReelApps.io/jvJVZooVideo
WP Toolkit Black Friday Special Offer2032-Nov-25IM Wealth Builders$37+50%JVZooSoftware
Internet Selling For Newbies FLASHSALE2022-Aug-26https://muncheye.com/omar-martin-isfn-flashsaleOmar Martin$13100%https://internetsellingfornewbies.com/jv/JVZooAffiliate Marketing
LeadValet2022-Aug-25https://muncheye.com/joshua-zamora-et-al-mvsJoshua Zamora et al$3050%https://launchspecial.com/leadvalet-jv/JVZooGeneral
Sonority2023-Nov-13https://muncheye.com/sonorityAbhi Dwivedi$7750%https://muncheye.com/https://ReelApps.io/jvJVZooVideo
WP Toolkit Black Friday Special Offer2032-Nov-25IM Wealth Builders$37+50%JVZooSoftware
EZLocal2022-Aug-13https://muncheye.com/neil-napier-ezlocalNeil Napier$3750%https://getezlocal.com/jv/jvJVZooLocal

All Launches

Here you will find all kinds of launches, both big and small.


Just Launched

This is the list of products which are recently released or launched.


Muncheye Evergreens Product List and Categories


Muncheye Evergreens allows you to find the best evergreen affiliate offers and promotions for the products listed on their website.

It has list of

  • Premium Evergreens
  • All Evergreens


Muncheye Categories allows you to find the offers in specific categories.

Following categories has its own list

  • eCommerce
  • List Building
  • Offline
  • Local
  • PLR
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Software
  • Video
  • General Business

Muncheye Launch Calander for Vendors

In order to launch your product, you must first register for an account. Once registered, choose one item from the “Niche” category and one or more items from the “Affiliate Network” category. Fill out a few fields such as “Vendor Name”, “Product Name”, etc., then select when you want your launch date to be live on site once approved by Muncheye team!

Apply to Have Launch Listed as a Big Launch

Muncheye provides an application for vendors to have their launch listed as a big launch. Muncheye’s Big Launch list shows the top 5% of launches based on buzz and traffic.

When you submit an application to have your launch listed as a big launch, they will review it and if accepted, the calendar will display your event on their website.

Muncheye is a platform that features high profile announcements of upcoming launches. To apply, you need to have a long history of delivering high profile, high quality launches that are consistent with these listings.

Featured Launch


Top of the homepage is devoted to a featured launch. Launches that are featured are paid and cost $200 for this additional exposure. There are a limited number of spots available.

Muncheye Launch Calander for Affiliates

There are daily launches of products on platforms like JVZoo and Warrior Plus. In order to promote these products as an affiliate, you must ask the vendors for their approval.

It is always possible to ask vendors for approval on platforms like JVZoo and warrior plus, which are already launched. However, what if you need approval for the products that are going to be launched? How will you know what product launches are coming up in the next few weeks?

This is where Muncheye.com comes in handy.

What is Launch Jacking? Using Muncheye.com to promote the product before its launch.

For example, you would like to advertise a future launch. You will need to browse and click on the link to the product you wish to promote. The details page will appear where you can find all the product information. The launch date, launch time, the commission percentage, what is the front-end price, and the link to the JV page.

Clicking on the JV link will take you to that particular product’s JV page where you can review the details. Once you click on the link for JV approval, it will redirect you to either JVZoo or Warrior Plus. There is an affiliate approval form where you can submit your application.

Once you get approved, you can start promoting the product.

To better understand, watch this video



To summarize, the Muncheye launch calendar brings together promoters and creators.

Muncheye also helps you to discover upcoming product launches and upcoming sales events in different categories such as online marketing.


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