What is Webtalk? Webtalk Review: Earn $5 Just for Enrolling

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You have never heard of Webtalk before, or you’ve heard about it, but have no idea what it is? Are you wondering if you can really make money with Webtalk? Would you like to know how to join Webtalk?

To find out the answers, keep reading.

What is Webtalk?

Webtalk is a social networking app similar to Facebook and LinkedIn. Using Webtalk earns you points that you can redeem every month for cash. Points are earned for engagement, creating popular content, and referring friends.

How to Join Webtalk?

At present, Webtalk is in its beta. It is “invite only” at the moment. If you are interested, I am sharing my invite link here or you can join Webtalk by clicking here.

​You can provide Webtalk id 7078044 if asked for.​

Steps to Sign Up for Webtalk Rewards

Almost everyone uses social media today, but now you can earn money for your time, content, and referrals with Webtalk Rewards.

Following are the 3 steps to sign up for Webtalk Rewards and start earning.

Step 1:

Create a your FREE Webtalk account today by clicking here. Complete your profile. Use the completeness meter provided to ensure 100% completion of your profile.

Step 2:

To easily cash in your rewards, connect your Stripe, Payoneer, or PayPal accounts with Webtalk.

Step 3:

Make sure you log in every day and stay social. Build your following by sharing content related to both your personal and professional interests.

Webtalk Review: Webtalk Commission Plan

  • Earn up to 10% of the advertising revenue you help generate, both personally and through referrals.
  • Earn 10% recurring commissions if referrals upgrades to PRO.
  • Earn $5 when your referral earns his first commission.

How Webtalk Advertising Reward Points Works

Webtalk reward points value is calculated by dividing monthly Advertising Pool value which is 60% of all advertising revenue with a $10K minimum monthly payout by total points awarded sitewide.

To calculate how much you earn, just multiply the points you earned by the point value.

To increase advertising pool amounts, you need clicks and impressions.

If you click on ads every day that are relevant to you, you can increase your monthly ad pool the fastest.

Same as you do on other social networks building up your Webtalk following with active users and posting quality content daily will increase your points faster.

Referring new users to Webtalk every day is the fastest way to increase your referral reward points and earn the 5-level bonus.

When your referrals earn points, you get 100% matching points, which are designed to pay you 10% of the ad revenue your content and activity generate in Webtalk.

As a result, you earn 10% when your referrals do. Referrals through your five levels of referrals can earn you 10% if you have earned the five-level bonus.

However, you will not be rewarded if your referrals are not active Webtalk users, nor are they enrolled in rewards program.

Webtalk payment proof



Webtalk’s initial roadmap: Provide 5 core services

  1. A Revolutionary All-In-One Social Network -giving our users back control over your relationships, time, content, and social capital.
  2. The World’s Most Lucrative Rewards Platform -paying you as a content creator and content consumer, and for referrals
  3. PRO Services -A low cost premium feature service to help our members create more success within Webtalk
  4. Enterprise Pages -A platform for businesses and entertainers to showcase your products and services
  5. Self-Service Ads – A platform for businesses to promote and reach Webtalk’s global audience.

2022 Webtalk Roadmap

  • Webtalk Pages for Business and Self-Service Ads.
  • Additional features and enhancements to live products.
  • Native Video, Group Chat, and Groups.
  • New ‘recommendation engines’ to help improve Discover Search, Search, and People You May Know services.
  • Webtalk Verify. Verify is a 3-step verification process to verify users identification, work history, education, and references.

Future of webtalk

They plan to launch their Rewards app soon.

Following the launch of the Rewards app, they will launch the rest of the social tools, including Native Video, Groups, and Pages for Businesses & Entertainers as soon as possible.

When these tasks are completed, focus on ways to increase monetization, which includes self-service ads, PRO feature package enhancements, Webtalk Swag, Webtalk Travel, and Webtalk Marketplace.

In their development cycle, they intentionally left all of their most popular and heavily used tools until the end to control the speed of their growth and to have enough time to test all of our proprietary technologies, such as contact manager, newsfeed, universal profiles, and rewards programs.

Considering these were first-of-a-kind software products, they required considerable testing to be sure they were done correctly.

The tools are also the foundations for the development of all future technologies.

Its proprietary Groups platform is the biggest custom tech project after the Rewards app.

There are a lot of great ideas on how to make webtalk Groups better than all other platforms. These include “Groups-On-Demand”, “Clubs” and “Eventwave”, events platform.

Also, they plan to launch Pages for Businesses and Entertainers that will be able to enroll in their Rewards program.

Webtalk will announce several major partnerships along with the launch of Pages to help Webtalk become the world’s top networking application.

The company is aiming to create 1 million millionaires with its 5-level bonus by the end of the year and several of Webtalk Rewards’ top members are well on their way to becoming millionaires thanks to Webtalk Rewards’ free Rewards program!

Joining Webtalk is free, switching all of your social activity to Webtalk, creating a following here, and inviting everyone you know to join is all it takes.

You have a better chance of success with their 5-level early adopter bonus if you do this sooner and faster.

As they grow to become the size of Facebook, they project generating $3 per member per month in ad revenue, which means they’ll pay out $0.30 per member per month in commissions through five levels of referrals.

Would you rather have 1 person in your referral network or 1,000,000? ie. Would you rather earn $0.30/month in commissions or $300K/month in commissions?

There is no fee for using Webtalk or Webtalk Rewards. Using these services will not cost you anything. You can literally get free money if you are willing to take advantage of it.

Getting just one person per day to sign up for free, show them how to use Webtalk, enroll them in the rewards program, and ask them to invite their friends, will guarantee your success with Webtalk.

Therefore, it is so important to invite as many people as possible as quickly as possible so you can earn referral credit.

Make the most of this opportunity to build a passive residual income for you and your family just by contributing to the growth of webtalk community.

In summary, webtalk builds technology that helps you consolidate, organize, and manage all relationships under one roof, sharing up to 50% of all revenue with members and donating 10% of profits to charity.

The Future Is Here… Work, Live, Play & Earn only in Webtalk!


As a member of Webtalk, you can earn points by navigating the site and connecting with other members. You can earn points by posting quality content and building a large following. There are five levels of referral separation and 10% commissions, which are also valuable. The revenue generated by Webtalk depends on a number of factors. If you want to make money on the website, you need to post high-quality content. You can do this by creating a blog or promoting your affiliate link.



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